Acne Cures – That Work!

Acne Cures Acne Cures That Work!

Acne Cures

Acne Cures – That Work!

Many people between the ages of fifteen to forty, suffer from mild to severe bouts of Acne and will spend a lot time and money trying many acne cures.  Some will have this skin problem beyond their 40th birthday and sufferers can spend a lot of money finding the right acne cures during that period in their life, some work and some are just a waste of money!

The problem that most people have with finding the right treatment for their Acne problem is, that there are so many different solutions out there in the market place that, it can become quite confusing and you may go through a few dollars before you find one that will work for you.  In fact it would be safe to say that close to ninety percent of the so called acne cures available on the market today could be a waste of money!

When I was a teen, I use to be active playing Rugby Union, Volleyball, Basketball and Rugby League.  I suffered from Acne in a bad way, at times I was embarrassed due to bouts of acne attacks and believe me it can play havoc with your mindset!  There were not that many acne cures available then.  There would be months where my skin would be clear then all a sudden I’d get pimples popping up everywhere , mainly on my face.  My Dad use to give me these Coconut bristle type pads that in the Islands they use them like face cloths, in reality they felt like Steelo, a scouring pad made from fine steel strings intertwined to clean Pots and Pans.  No way did I use that crap on my face, I mean my face was looking pretty crappy as it was, no need  to make it look even more crappier!

Acne Cures That will Prevent The Cause?

I went through a lot of soap and water in those years, only because my parents didn’t think it necessary or, weren’t aware that there might be some solutions to treat Acne available at the local Chemists?  Little did I know at the time, that it was a start, perhaps the best start in terms of acne cures I could get.

I eventually discovered that when I was busy with my sports at school, I would get bad Acne during those seasons and, during the Summer season when I didn’t play any sports I was pretty much clear of Acne.  The difference was in my diet, I consumed a lot of Sugar and products that contained a lot of Sugar during the months that I was active with my sports and a lot less during the Summer months.  In fact I drank a lot of water during the Summer and we ate a lot of fruit at home.  That was me, it’s not going to be the same for you or anyone else.  What I have noticed is that for my two children at home who are in their teens, and consume a lot of sugar and products rich in Sugar all year round, they suffer from Acne, mainly on their faces they use all sorts of stuff but won’t take my advice re – natural acne cures.

Acne Cures – Ones That Worked For Me!

First, watch what you eat!  You know that saying “Junk In, Junk Out”  it’s true, for some or most, too much junk in and you end up being a huge pile of junk.  A lot of the food we eat now contains by products that we know nothing about and no one wants to tell us about them either.   Reduce your Sugar intake and see if that makes a difference, start with that one simple change to help cure your Acne.  If you must have sweet stuff in your tea, Coffee or baking consider Stevia, a natural plant extract.

Second, find solutions that are made more of natural products for face cleansing, if you must use a solution. Wash your face gently at least twice a day, don’t scrub your face so the acne pops or opens up as that can lead to scarring which requires more work for you to get rid of!  Most times water, soap and a soft face cloth will do the trick.  Try not to spend too much money on cleansing solutions, they don’t all work and some could be made from products that could cause other problems for your skin!

Third, one that everyone should par take in is, drink water, at least four to eight 7 ounce glasses a day more if you can.  Water is perhaps the most natural product we consume today.  Yet most of us would be lucky to drink one glass a day let alone eight!

Acne Cures That Cleared My Acne Scars!

When I finally left school and got a job I was able to buy products that were supposedly the best Acne Cure you could get your hands on.  Yeah right!  I went through so many different products that I eventually thought about giving up on fixing the scarring when I found a product quite by accident in a local Chemist.  The product was a clear solution it was the only thing that cured my Acne and removed acne scarring.  I had to apply this product to the scarred areas with cotton wool, what I noticed was that even after washing my face thoroughly, when I applied this clear  solution, there was still dirt, grime etc in my skin which washing could not remove!  This Solution actually cleaned out the dirt and grime deep in my pores, I could see it on the cotton wool.  I never used anything else after that as I had found what for me was the perfect solution what worked for me may not work for you, so it’s important that you find the best acne cures for you.

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