Best natural makeup for oily skin and large pores?

Tabita A Asked: Best natural makeup for oily skin and large pores?

I've been using bare minerals for a few years now. I have very oily skin, large pores, some acne scaring and acne around my chin. Before using bare minerals I tried many different kinds of makeup. Any liquid foundation looked horrible on my skin. So when i tried bare minerals it didn't make my skin look perfect but it was waaaaay better than any liquid or powder foundation I had tried. I've noticed that bare minerals sometimes makes my pores look bigger. Its not a horrible makeup it just doesn't do well with my skin type.(It looks good on my older sister who doesn't really have any skin problems ugh). I have to put on A LOT to get the coverage I need and it starts looking powdery once I get the coverage I need. My other sister had some afterglow minerals and I tried some of that and it was actually a bit better than bare minerals and it had natural ingredients but it's kinda expensive. Anyways does anyone know of a natural mineral makeup that gives good coverage without having to put on 50 layers and works well with oily skin and won't accentuate my pores?


Somali Starr Answered:
get mud and rub it all over your face and then get cat poo and splash it on your face .. trust me youll look good.. like my wife

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